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  • Aleksandra Jaźwińska
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    A graduate of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, preparing to become a veterinarian. During her studies, she completed internships in Warsaw clinics and also completed an internship program as part of an EU project. He is interested in internal diseases, neurology, endocrinology, and longevity. From an early age, she took care of a group of animals, including hamsters, a rat, guinea pigs, a rabbit, a turtle, as well as dogs and cats.

  • Julia Dołęgowska
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    Third-year veterinary student at the University of Life Sciences in Lublin, zoopsychologist, behaviorist.

    She has been working with dogs since 2019, and worked for a pro-animal foundation for 4 years as a zoopsychologist and guardian of disabled dogs.

    He is interested in cardiology and neurology.

    Happy guardian of Dalia’s adoptive child.

  • Julia Kobus
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    A fourth-year veterinary student at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Mainly interested in imaging diagnostics, this is the field she would like to specialize in in the future. In her free time, she practices yoga, goes to the climbing wall and learns crocheting.

  • Kinga Kożuch
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    She graduated in veterinary medicine in 2023 at the University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Wrocław. After graduating, she completed internships abroad: in Cyprus, Italy and Spain. During one of them, at the Instituto Veterinario di Novara in the internal medicine department, she gained experience by working with specialists in many fields, with a particular interest in dermatology.

    In 2022, she received a COAPE behaviorist diploma as part of the “Advanced diploma in the practical aspects of companion animal behavior and training” course. She also completed a dog and cat masseur course at the Wrocław zoophysiotherapy center. Her passion and professional ambition is a holistic approach to the patient.

  • weterynarz Agata Maraszek-Dudek
    Agata Maraszek-Dudek
    Managing Director of Zviropolis clinic network

    In 2013, she graduated from the College of Promotion with a master’s degree in management, specializing in media planning. Since 2009 she has been involved in the medical industry. For more than 8 years she co-led the DKMS organization in Poland, where she held managerial and executive positions in operational departments, events, and fundraising. Then in 2017 she moved to New York, where until 2019 she co-led DKMS as Vice -President of Operations. From 2019 she led the DKMS organization while in the role of COO, reporting to the Board of Directors. In 2021, as an Executive Manager, she introduced Sky Clinic aesthetic medicine to the Warsaw market. Since 2022, she worked at one of the largest telemedicine companies in Europe – Telemedi.In her role as Director of Customer Success and Medical Clinics, she was responsible for maintaining relationships with business clients and managing the facility’s. Since 2020, she has provided cross-cultural training for people moving from Europe to the United States. In 2021, she began postgraduate studies at Cornell University in the US, majoring in Business Administration. She has completed numerous courses and trainings in management, project management, crisis management and building media relations.

  • Patrycja Wróbel
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    In 2018, she graduated from the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn.


    During her studies, she went to the Canary Islands as part of the Erasmus program, where she studied for two semesters and fell in love with Spain so much that she went to Valencia for one more semester.


    Immediately after graduation, she went to Great Britain, where she worked in many clinics as a general practitioner for 4 years.


    After 4 years of English weather, she left for sunny Qatar. There she worked for 2 years in an international team.


    In England, she adopted two older poodles and has great sympathy for all senior dogs.


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